1998 Malibu Catalytic Converter

Question: 1998 Malibu Catalytic Converter,
Hi, I recently had my catalytic converter replaced because it turned red hot and the engine was shaking…..the only thing is the new converter also comes red hot and the engine is still shaking like crazy. what could be the problem now?

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You have an engine misfire. At least it’s most likely. I own a 1999 Chevy Malibu with the 3100 engine. And the engine was shaking and the catalytic converter was red hot. Come to find out they it was the coil pack. Because when an engine misfires, a lot of un burned fuel gets dumped into the exhaust, causing the red hot converter. I am not saying this is what is your problem, but it very we’ll could be, because we practically have the same vehicle, and the same symtoms. Good luck to you! Your Malibu will run you years to come, because mine has 255, 000 miles on original engine and tranny.

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