02 Cougar Needs Catalytic Converter Please Advise Me

Question: 02 Cougar Needs Catalytic Converter Please Advise Me,
I Just bought an “02” Cougar from a dealer 3 months ago with no warranty. Because of my divorce and having to take my kids and move this appeared to be a better car for the money that I could afford. My car has been very sluggish for the last month, then it tuckered out and would not go faster than 10MPH I had lost power and had to pump my brakes to get it to stop. Took it in and told it was the catalytic converter, got a price of $3500 and for me to come up with this is way out of my reach at this time. Would I be better off selling it this way and taking a loss and use what ever money I get to buy another car at the cost of what I could sell this for, or try and work out a payment plan and fix it? Can anyone advise me what to do?


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If it is a v6 cougar the catalytic converters are part of the exhaust manifolds and this is why it is so much. it also has a third converter after the manifolds. does it need all three or just one. maybe they can replace the only one that is bad, also make sure there is no other problem that is making the converters go bad. there was at one time a recall for converters for this care make sure there is not one for your care tell the dealer to run and oaisis report.

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