00 Gmc Catalytic Converter Bypass

Well first want to say michigan dont have smog testing.

my cats are going bad in my truck and not sure whether or not to replace them or bypass them. i heard both sides of this story but need greater advice. i know they have o2 simulaters i still cant figure out how or if those work, if they trully work. also i dont know what o2 simulator to buy. some guy said to me since its fuel injection it will adjust to it.

but im also thinking why waste the time with that and spend a couple hundred more and get magnaflow cats.

i honestly want to take them off. i would like too only if i can hear success from someone else on these trucks. and would like to hear how they ran them.

00 5.3l, ext cab sierra 1500, z71
yeah i know its illegal but i live in the middle of nowhere. uh i also know magnaflows cats are like 350.

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