Whats Wrong With My AC/Heating In My 2003 Dodge Caravan

Question: Whats Wrong With My AC/Heating In My 2003 Dodge Caravan,
I am going to start from the commencing, took my car to my mothers and fathers to get the Strength steering Hose set for the 4th time. And on the way when I had the heat on it began blowing Ice cold air. At First we thought it was the thermostat, but we found out that the Coolant reserve was total, but radiator was vacant. Loaded it up and it heated very good, but the next working day it would high temperature up to Lukwarm only immediately after about 20minutes of driving. Coolant is comprehensive in Reserve and Radiator. But now if I have the high temperature on low I can listen to a clicking seem and when i switch off the air conditioning/high temperature it stops (only happens often, when I recognize it.)

What inappropriate with my auto? is it the thermostat? or something else?

Thanks in progress.
No Don’t scent Exhaust in the radiator.
Never genuinely recognize any leaks, but below and there are spots on the floor( not sure if coolant even though, atm is still darkish out). Is there an straightforward way to locate leaks?
Supporters seem to be to operate great.

However after it gets lukewarm, does not seem to be to be a great deal of coolant in the hose major to the thermostat.

I am terrible with automobiles.

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It appears like the ac compressor turning on and off . The air conditioning unit functions with the heater to aid management moister in the air coming via the vents. With it turning on and off i may need to have to have some Freon put in the air conditioner system.If the heater out put temp is reduced then verify the coolant once again if its very low you need to have to find the leak if not minimal then exchange the thermostat. Eric autotech155

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