What’s Wrong With My 1994 Ford Explorer

Question: What’s Wrong With My 1994 Ford Explorer,

My 1994 Ford Explorer is not working. The difficulties first commenced when I saw/smelt a small smoke coming from my motor. I observed that the a/c compressor was very scorching and/or smoking cigarettes a tiny little bit.

It was then pointed out to me that the radiator fluid was really very low. So, I stuffed it up with water and ran on it for a couple times and then I put some radiator fluid in. Practically one hour following I place the radiator fluid in there, I travel the auto and start hearing clanking noises. Then the automobile turned off even though i was driving it! The steering got really stiff, and I pulled more than to the facet of the highway. The vehicle wouldn’t commence unless it was jumped by another car, nevertheless at this time the automobile is not going to even turn on with another vehicle to leap it. Also, when the vehicle did flip on, the electricity steering failed to perform. I experienced to wrestle it across the road for road cleansing.

The a/c compressor has a small broken piece on the front. It seems like it should not be very hard to replace this piece. The timing belt was shredded !It was ripped apart and pulled out of the engine.

Any guidance is significantly appreciated. I’m questioning how a lot repairs could be for each possibly damaged component, and wherever to discover them in Van Nuys, CA, 91405.

I’d also like to know if this is some thing me and my unexperienced friends can manage, or if a mechanic is required. I have read it is difficult to match the car’s timing completely?

If a mechanic is essential, how significantly is honest pricing?

Thank you!


Best answer for What’s Wrong With My 1994 Ford Explorer

explain to you what, im heading out on a limb listed here, but here goes, sounds to me like you had a compressor malfunction the compressor locked up shredded the belt, probably a piece of the belt rapped about the crankshaft pulley and may possibly have ruined the crank sensor,as a result no start off, the electricity steering will not work without the serpentine belt, i will not believe a ford v6 motor had a timing belt i believe that it is a chain, so it seems to me like compressor locked up stalled the automobile, the energy steering went out with the belt, and the belt broke the crank sensor, if so then for temporary purchase a ac clutch for that car, set up it and put a new belt on it, if it nonetheless wont crank, check out crank sensor situated on passenger side or bottom of crank shaft pulley see if it is damaged

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