What Is Wrong With AC

Question: What Is Wrong With AC,
I have a 2000 Ford Concentrate and when I flip on the Air conditioner it blows semi-great-ish air. Undoubtedly not chilly. Make sure you tell me this is an straightforward and affordable fix!

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Appears like you need a lot more Anti-Freeze coolant in your radiator. If you will find not ample coolant in the radiator, your A/C will not be chilly. Of program, although you’re at it, have the mechanic “Charge” the A/C system. You have to take the car to a mechanic THAT YOU KNOW (this is quite crucial). Even if you have to generate fifty miles away, make confident that YOU KNOW THE MECHANIC. If you take it to a mechanic THAT YOU Will not KNOW, he will “participate in you” and notify you that you want a new A/C compressor ($350) and you require it put in ($300).

A person YOU KNOW !!!

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