VERY Fast Refrigerant Leak

Question: VERY Fast Refrigerant Leak,
I bought a truck a while back and the ac has never worked in it, so I decided to look into fixing it. I started by adding refrigerant, but the pressure gauge dropped back to zero within minutes. Obviously, I have a leak, so I bought one of those dye systems with the glasses, but couldn’t see the leak anywhere. I took it to a mechanic, but he wanted to replace the whole ac system ($2000), which is far more than the car is worth – it is a 1991 dodge dakota. Any ideas where a leak that size could be, or should I just start replacing everything?

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Go to a certified AC technician, not to just any mechanic. That “mechanic” couldn’t replace the whole system for just $2000, it would cost half that to just replace the eveporator that’s inside your dash.
If it hasn’t been turned on for a while, your seals in the compressor are probably shot, and that’s a new compressor, and dryer, with a vaccum and a recharge. maybe $600.

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