Question About The Toyota Prius

Question: Question About The Toyota Prius,
what do you think of acquiring an employed Toyota Prius “2006,7,8,nine,ten” I do supply so I need to have a hatchback or little auto ,very good in gas … buddy informed me to buy a Nissan Versa but an additional pal told me that Versa vehicle only make 28 or less if I operate the Air conditioning…and the rear seat they are not flat when they are lay down …what do you believe ? I experienced in craigslist a prius 2007 with 40 miles on it for 11k……it is very good to get a prius like that or one more hatchback vehicle …I’m in Florida

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Get a Prius. It has a sound status for reliability and minimal servicing charges. My 2004 has charge twelve cents per mile for dealer preservation, tires, and gasoline mixed above the 130,000 trouble-free miles I have pushed it so considerably.

2004 Prius MPG from the logbook. (Total several years only):
2003-2004 — fifty.eight mpg 17,628 miles
2005 — 52.6 mpg 14,688 miles
2006 — fifty six.3 mpg sixteen,174 miles
2007 — 57.three mpg eighteen,384 miles
2008 — 59.nine mpg 21,755 miles
2009 — sixty one.4 mpg sixteen,177 miles
2010 — sixty five.two mpg 12,134 miles
2011 — 66.9 mpg 11,272 miles

Don’t be concerned about the battery, it truly is no more probably to go bad than a transmission is in an outdated fashioned vehicle. Only individuals who do not have a Prius be concerned about the battery.

1. The warranty on the battery is 10 many years a hundred and fifty,000 miles in CA emission states and 100,000 miles in other states. It really is not prorated.

two. A new battery is less than $2000 additionally $five hundred set up.…

All 2004-2009 Prius use the very same battery so you can purchase one out of a wreck for about $five hundred.

Or there are places that rebuild the battery this kind of as Note that they have only rebuilt batteries for the 2001-2003 because there just haven’t been ample failures in the later on models to warrant rebuilding. The Prius requires extremely good care of its battery.…

In addition Toyota has taken off a lot of of the parts of a conventional vehicle and changed them with much more trustworthy electronics and has simplified other individuals. For occasion the Prius isn’t going to have: an alternator, a starter motor, a serpentine belt (2010+ only), a clutch or fluid coupling. In addition the computerized transmission with it is hundreds of areas has been changed by a straightforward planetary gear method equivalent to a differential. So there is a lot much less to go incorrect.

The A/C in the Prius is electrical and really effective. It truly is a adjustable pace scroll compressor instead than a piston kind so it doesn’t always operate at complete energy–it only runs as much as is needed.

As considerably as the certain Prius you are looking at, it truly is like any utilized vehicle. You require to get it checked out by an impartial Prius mechanic for mechanical issue and you want to examine for incidents and clear title. You may well consider asking in one particular of the Yahoo Prius teams for suggestions for an impartial Prius mechanic in your spot. However, because it really is on craigs listing, it is possibly just a scam.

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