Problem With 2007 Ford Escape

Question: Problem With 2007 Ford Escape,
Following driving my motor vehicle, when I flip off the engine and park it, I noticed a “spewing” tone but there was not any smoke. This was very last night so this morning, I checked all stages and all are very good. My 1st guess was to check out the radiator but there’s no radiator cap in my Escape-guess it’s a Ford thing? I experienced just appear from highway driving for the last hour with my A/C on. Any input would be appreciated. No sensible alecs please!!

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its kinda tough to make clear but there is a higher stress aspect and a very low strain side of your ac technique. when you turn off your vehicle , and the compressor the pressures on the two sides will slowly equalize producing a hiss

only issue I can assume you are going through

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