Is The Freon Low In The A/c In My Car

Question: Is The Freon Low In The A/c In My Car,
I have a ninety eight Dodge Neon. Experienced to have the radiator replaced a number of months back, friends did it and the all freon came out. Took it to the shop. They replaced the radiator and re-did the a/c freon. I will not remember when this commenced, but now when I have the a/c on and go about corners it makes a wierd “hissing” kind sound. Also when I shut it off it tends to make a hiss and then is off. Could this be from the freon being very low? What could it be? The a/c is good and cold, and the radiator runs awesome and there is lots of coolant… Can anybody advise what it could be?

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Freon is often below stress in order to exist as a liquid. for the duration of the “Function” in an Air conditioning unit technique it is,on one facet of the method extremely pressurized, even though on the other facet of the compressor it really is at a reduce pressure. The comp sucks [reduced aspect] and blows[large facet].
When you reduce the program off ,the high strain side will seep back again into the reduced side right up until all the freon in the program is equalized. [very low hissing tone]
As far as being minimal on freon, I see no indications of that.
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