Is My A/C Compressor Or Clutch Bad

Question: Is My A/C Compressor Or Clutch Bad,
On my 1996 Dodge Intrepid three.5L the a/c blows but hot air will come out and the a/c clutch clicks on for 1 second and off for a few, but when its on u can explain to its really having alot out of my motor as it nearly kills it. it also triggers my vehicle to surge whilst im driving, but its good when i push with the a/c turned off. is this a indication of a compressor that is about to seize up? i employed a inexpensive refrigerant level checker and it claims its correct on the line of “filled/warn”…i have no knowledge with a/c techniques so i am attempting to find the issue just before getting it to a mechanic. thanks

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Your best wager is to get it to a store asap, carrying out air conditioning your self is like doing soul surgery for the 1st time, subsequent instructions in the health part.

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