Car Is Still Blowing Hot Air After All This

Question: Car Is Still Blowing Hot Air After All This,
2000 Dodge Stratus 2.5L V6
Immediately after we experienced the dash all ripped apart to substitute the leaky evaporator coil, found out that the growth valve was leaky so changed that far too. Set all new o-rings on all the lines heading to the compressor, receiver/drier & reconnected clips on enlargement valve. Following all was place collectively and limited, we place a vacuum on it and it held effectively right after about 45 minutes so we recharged it with the 19 oz. of R134a that was specified. Began up my car and turned on the A/C and it was blowing chilly air. But when I received out and commenced really driving it it still blew very hot air and nonetheless does to this working day. Any tips as to why? Guessing there is nevertheless a leak somewhere, or maybe a faulty A/C compressor or I observed the receiver/drier ought to be replaced following getting uncovered to open air like that, could that be triggering it? Thanks in advance, any suggestions are appreciated.
The enlargement valve outlet was bent & free likely to the A/C compressor.
Also me and a friend of mine did this all at a college I went to for Automotive, hooked it up to a Snap-On A/C device.

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perhaps the clutch on the compressor isn’t really operating correctly….switch ac on and look at to see if clutch engages or not. if not then you know what time it is

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