Can You Blow A Relay In A Car

I have a 2007 Nissan Versa. Long story short there was a power surge due to a poor battery connection. Everything came back but my AC. When I press the button (switch) it doesn’t light up and nothing happens. Anyways, I checked all of the fuses that pertain to the AC and even a few more. None broken. They all test well. Now there is a relay between the switch in the dash and the compressor. And it appears the BCM controls the AC switch electrical. So my guess is it either blew the relay or surged the AC part of the BCM. But from what I read can you “blow” a relay? They seem more designed to pass on the power not so much act like a fuse or breaker. Just making sure I understand that correctly. Thanks.
It appears my hunch was correct. Everything turned out to be fine. The mechanic is very certain that it’s the BCM. Bad news of course is that this is a dealer orderable part only and it would then need reprogrammed as well. But I’m going to replace it myself and the dealer said they will only charge a 100 dollars to reprogram it. And my mechanic only charged me 40 dollars for the labor to diagnose things. So I can’t complain too much. But now I need to get the part for a decent deal. But could’ve been worse that’s for sure.

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