Adding Freon To Durango

Question: Adding Freon To Durango,
how do I add freon to the air conditioning unit unit on my 1999 dodge durango?

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Not recommended for the novice. There is a connector on the large line operating from the compressor that will suit the connector on the can of refrigerant that you want. This system is underneath high pressure and is harmful to mess with for the un trained person. I propose you view an individual do it the 1st time before you try this on your own.

Now…. do you know exactly how a lot refrigerant demands to go into the program.? do you have the correct resources to check the high side pressure alongside with the low aspect pressure. Placing in as well considerably is just as undesirable as also tiny. The method demands a extremely specific quantity of refrigerant and getting it improper will not only cause the method to malfunction but can cause severe element failure that will end result in really costly repairs.

You should depart A/C restore to a professional.

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