2007 Nissan Versa’s AC Went Out. Could It Be…

Now I will start off with that I have had no issues with this vehicle yet unlike some other Versa owners. Short story is whatever idiot replaced the battery right before I bought it didn’t properly tighten the cable onto the terminal. So it popped off. This was easily fixable by repositioning it and tightening it down. Well the bad news is at some point or another when I tried to start with the battery partially connected (I didn’t realize this was the case until I tried starting a couple times to no avail) it must have surged and blown something out in the AC electrical area. I checked all fuses, they’re good. I looked at the service manual and there appears to be a relay between the switch and the compressor. So I’m hoping its that relay. The options that remain are relay blew, which is quite possible, or the switch or the BCM that controls the switch got surged or blown. Any thoughts? Also I haven’t been able to locate the relay yet, do I just need to pull the dash to get to that? Thanks.

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