00 Dodge Caravan A/C Issue

Question: 00 Dodge Caravan A/C Issue,
I experienced a radiator flush done last winter since motor vehicle broke down due to some negative cooler lines acording to store. In any case A/C blew out cold previous to the fix and now doesn’t blow out something, but scorching air. Store explained close to $four hundred to repair very last year, but never ever mentioned what dilemma was. Pondering if any individual may know what happened?

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Have you checked to see if probably they accidentally knocked a wire or plug free and not receiving juice to compressor ? Following question is whether or not clutch is participating on the compressor ? Third query ought to be why did they quotation you that a lot very last year on a basic Less than $fifty flush task ? Did the estimate have anything to do with Air conditioning / or ended up they incorporating hoses and these kinds of to it ? Before your question can be intelligently answered , these question will require to be answered .

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