Catalytic Converter For 1996 Geo Metro

So I have always done almost all of the mechanical maintenance myself on every car I’ve owned. I have rebuilt 2 engines (’89 Toyota Corolla and ’90(?)Ford F150), including transmission, brakes, etc.

I now have a ’96 Geo Metro (3 cylander- yes I’m aware that it’s a glorified lawn mower! lol). I know that in most Metros, the exhaust system wears out around 100,000 miles… I have 106,000 miles, and guess what?! I NEED A NEW CATALYTIC CONVERTER! Haha…

I haven’t done a lot of work on my Metro (I don’t have a garage to work in anymore), and the average price I have been quoted for parts and labor is around $1000 (though I have been quoted as high as $2500!). The part only costs about $120+/-, so is there THAT much in labor that needs to be done?!

I guess my question is: even though I don’t have experience with the Geo, would it be too hard to replace the catalytic converter myself? And does anybody have any good resources to refer me to that tell me how to do it?

The owners manual recommends the lowest octane fuel possible- preferably 85 octane… I moved from Denver to Chicago about 6 months ago, and the lowest octane I can find is 87. Could this be part of the problem? Or even the change in altitude?

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